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    He’s the main character for this story, a sociopathic kleptomaniac you wouldn’t like to have as a friend. A man that only cares about his own interests and doesn’t mind doing all kinds of crazy stuff as long as he gets his own way. Sadly for him, he is about to face an extremely unpleasant experience caused by a mysterious curse, that will force him to relive the worst day of his life, over and over again. He’s determined to do whatever he can to escape this awful situation, even if it means losing his loved ones, spending some time in jail or destroying humanity…


    He is Randal’s best friend. People often say that Randal is the clever one (which doesn’t put Matt in a very good position). Despite the fact that he seems a learned, sane man whenever he starts drinking he becomes this uncontrollable moron that might even puke on one’s face and then get offended by it. Believe it or not, Matt is a key factor in this Space-time odyssey.


    She is Matt’s girlfriend. Nobody understands how such a kind and intelligent young girl can fall in love with somebody as “peculiar” as Matt. Nevertheless, our story begins at this happy couple's engagement party. Sally is a sensitive girl that is always taking care of her friends. Therefore, she will try her best to make her boyfriend quit that unhealthy way of life.


    Charlie owns a comic store. He, Randal and Matt went to college together, so he knows them really well although he doesn't think of them as friends. He is a weird guy who loves wearing extravagant stuff, like superhero buckles on his belt, retractable claws under his sleeves… He's totally obsessed with a superhero called "Captain Red" and would even kill for him.


    The cop that can handle any type of situations. Some people think he is kind of doofy but it's not his fault. You can find him standing guard at some convention, on a crime scene, at the police station, working as a security guard on the subway, or even as a janitor in the local prison. But working isn't everything. When he's off duty, what he loves the most is traveling around the world taking pictures of himself in the strangest and most unusual places while enjoying a nice barbecue.