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Randal’s Monday spanish box set December 8th

Not into downloading videogames? Are you one of those social outcasts that doesn’t know what Steam or GOG is? Have you tried downloading Randal’s Monday but you ended up filling out your tax return online? Don’t worry, we’ve thought of you and all those hipsters who’ve blackmailed us by saying they’d only buy the game if it came out in a physical version.


We’ve got BIG news for all of you. The physical version of the game will be on sale on 8th December thanks to Meridiem and there’ll be two different editions. The limited edition box set will include the game, the manual, CD Sound Track and an A3 size poster. The price will be 29,99€.

The standard edition, also available from 8th December, will include the game, the manual and CD Sound Track. This version will cost 24,99€.

Posted: Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 @ 9:58
Categories: News.
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