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Clerks star Jeff Anderson to voice our Randal


Jeff Anderson playing Randal in OMUK studios (London)

Jeff Anderson playing Randal in OMUK studios (London)

And if we have a bunch of high quality voices for the Spanish version, the English one has no reason to be jealous!

At this point, it’s no secret that Jeff Anderson (one of the main characters from the “Clerks” movies) has collaborated in Randal’s Monday by helping with the script and the dialogues. But of course he’s done more than that, as he also puts the voice for our main character.  What better guy to play a sociopathic, kleptomaniac moron called Randal, than someone who’s done it before and in front of a camera?

On the other hand, we also have worked with other very talented and experienced actors in the field of video games, actors that have starred in sagas as “Deponia” or “The Witcher”.  (Yes, the very same Geralt de Rivia puts his voice for one of our characters!!)

So, again, we couldn’t feel more honored.

The release date is getting closer so, soon you’ll be able to experience all this yourselves… just a little more patience.

Posted: Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 @ 9:37
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