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It all starts with a ring. A priceless ring that only cost half grape chewing gum, an engagement ring, a cursed ring…

Our story begins on a Sunday night, laughing and drinking beers at the Matt and Sally’s engagement celebration, a young couple and old friends of Randal Hicks, the main character of this adventure; kleptomaniac, sociopath and above everything bad friend. As the night draws on, alcohol soothes their minds and the situation starts to degenerate.

Randal's Monday

The next morning Randal wakes up in his room with the same clothes, a big headache and his friend’s wallet in his pocket.

Problems start when Randal finds out that inside that wallet is the engagement ring that Matt was going to give to his girlfriend. Unfortunately for him, Randal is not known for returning the things that end up in his power, besides our hero is having some financial troubles so soon he will change the ring into a large amount of money. Of course, he did not expect that the value of the ring could not be paid in cash. So Matt will not hesitate a moment to commit suicide just because of his loss.

Few things can be done against the curse of a ring. But if that curse is also meant to torment you and destroy your life literally, it means that now is time to act.

Randal will relive over and over again that fateful Monday, doing whatever is necessary to fix the situation that he did cause. Even if it means going to jail or destroy mankind. He will deal with angry cops and usual criminals, stubborn children and repellent mothers, retired priests and incompetent ticket clerks, and even some speaking skeletons.

Randal's Monday

Shots, kicks, blood, money, time loops and many angry people. Randal must retrieve the ring and his life, before the universe collapses. Nobody said it was easy, but it’s worth trying.